The first WWHC took place in 1990, but these gifs are from the first (and only) World Women’s Hockey Tournament, held in Toronto in 1987.

This event was not sanctioned by the IIHF and the organizers received essentially no support (financial or otherwise) from the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (now Hockey Canada). The tournament was mostly conceptualized and organized by the volunteer-run Ontario Women’s Hockey Association.

Seven teams participated: the US, Sweden, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and Ontario. The COWHL’s Hamilton Golden Hawks represented Canada and the Mississauga Warriors made up Team Ontario.

The two Canadian teams ended up in the final, with Team Ontario falling to Canada 4-0. Canada was awarded the McCallion World Cup.

This event- and all the hard work that went into it- is largely responsible for the IIHF sanctioning the 1990 championship and women’s hockey’s eventual inclusion in the Olympics.


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