sorry, just want to confirm before I download. is the goal medal match you posted with British commentary?

Haha, no. It’s the CBC version (w/ Cassie Campbell & Mark Lee). I should have made that clear in the original post.

soccershipper replied to your post: Sochi 2014 - CanNWT game downloads

You don’t happen to have the bronze medal match?

No, sorry. I’ve only got the ones I posted. Hopefully the official Olympics channel or someone will upload it eventually.

Sochi 2014 - CanNWT game downloads

I tried uploading games to Youtube, but they get blocked no matter what, so I’ve uploaded them elsewhere. They’re not streaming, unfortunately. And they’re big files (there’s no avoiding that since they’re HD). I included pregame stuff and post-game interviews and all those kinds of things… I find it adds to the nostalgia (can you be nostalgic for something that happened less than 6 months ago? I think so, yes). Anyway…

Canada vs. Switzerland - 2.8.14
Canada vs. Finland - 2.10.14
Canada vs. USA - 2.12.14

Canada vs. Switzerland - 2.17.14 (semifinal)

Canada vs. USA - 2.20.14 (gold medal game, part 1)
Canada vs. USA - 2.20.14 (gold medal game, part 2)

You can also watch the gold medal game here on Youtube. It’s the official Olympics channel and  there’s a British commentator. There’s no medal ceremony or anything, so if you want to see that, you’ll probably want to download my version (or at least part 2).

Let me know if you have any questions or problems with the links.

Anonymous said: Hey since Natalie spooner is in TORONTO right now, does than mean the amazing race filming is done or were they eliminated?

Yeah, it was filmed a while ago. In the spring, I think.

getting side-eyed by angela ruggiero would be the highlight of my life, ngl

I’ve already accepted that nothing in my life will ever top that moment.

Maybe have lunch with Kacey Bellamy.

But the highlight is getting side-eyed by Angela Ruggiero, although that’s not likely to happen since it’s in Canada this year.

Anonymous said: Do you know when the women will be getting together next for a camp or any games ?

I assume you’re referring to the Canadian women’s hockey team, yeah?

Anyway, the Fall Festival will be September 22nd-28th (so look out for retirements in the weeks preceding that). That’s just kind of an evaluation camp. They’ll probably play some games against the U22s or maybe some local midget boys’ teams though.

And then the 4 Nations Cup is in November. It’s in Canada this year, so anyone who’s in/near Kamloops should check it out. (And try to run into Mel Davidson as much as possible.)

This would be a good reaction gif, but I have nothing to react to right now.

This would be a good reaction gif, but I have nothing to react to right now.

I just wanted to see this again. It’s a really important part of CanNWT history.

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