Do you remember the game show Uh Oh? Do you remember Dan Church? Well, someone wanted to see Church get slimed Uh Oh-style. Unfortunately, that will probably never happen, but that’s what photoshop is for.

Wink Yahoo = Bob Nicholson

Punisher = Mel Davidson (those are actually her eyes)

(Yes, I am ashamed of myself.)

Oh, Nutmeg.

Oh, Nutmeg.

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They are fucking cuddling and eating donuts!

I’m tempted to put a comma in that caption.

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(Yes, you do know who hatter is. Or just….think for a second. This nickname will become a thing.)

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And then we did the unthinkable… we all kissed a dead codfish!

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Anonymous asked: Another USA v Canada women's final tomorrow in the U-18's! Will you be watching?

Yes, definitely!

And for anyone else interested, it starts at 12:30pm ET today and it’s being streamed here.

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Furies’ OT winner in the Clarkson Cup final.

Anonymous asked: what's the inspiration for your url?

The Tegan & Sara song “Speak Slow”.