uswnt-soccur-lezibeons said: dumb question probably but do u have a video link to this gif set? post/27834606923/kaylyn-and-marta-get-into-it-tanc-tries-to

Not a dumb question.

Here’s the video. Enjoy.

This was like the greatest moment of the whole exhibition series last year.

This was like the greatest moment of the whole exhibition series last year.

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2016 WWHC

This is kind of old news and probably no one else is interested, but…

Apparently Hockey Canada asked Kamloops (host of this year’s 4 Nations Cup) to bid to host the 2016 WWHC. Asked them. And, as the video also mentioned, there are two other cities bidding, supposedly. One in Alberta and the other is Hamilton.

But it sounds like it’s pretty much gonna be given to Kamloops unless they completely mess up their bid. And if it’s not them, I would think it’ll be the city in Alberta that’s bidding. Can’t see a city in Ontario hosting again so soon. But who knows?

Nope. Nah. No. Nuh-uh.

I don’t know what Thalmann said, but the ref was so amused.


It’s that time of the year again!

The CWHL draft for the 2014-15 season starts tonight at 7PM EST!

Same as last year, the majority of the action will be announced through twitter:


A good way to follow along for official draft action - as well as backstage photos - is to follow the hashtags #CWHLDraft or #CWHL. Another good way is through the new Draft Tracker on the CWHL site: here

Additionally, for those in the Calgary or Boston area, the Inferno and the Blades are hosting meet-and-greet draft parties with the players in their respective cities! You can find more info on each of these events here: Boston ; Calgary

To familiarize yourself with the prospects, the full list is now up on the CWHL site: here

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